PVC Outdoor Shower Cubicle

Add convenience to your entertainment area with a Unique PVC Outdoor Shower enclosure.

PVC Outdoor Shower Cubicle


With the use of the Absolut PVC Semi Private Fencing system, with a decorative Lattice panel, we have been able to create an outdoor shower.

With its NO MAINTENANCE features it’s the perfect solution for an outdoor shower, the PVC will not rot, crack or discolour nor will it ever need to be sanded, varnished or painted.


Our installation process is efficient & our trained staff are meticulous, especially where installations take place in established gardens. The Absolut PVC Outdoor Shower can be installed into the ground, garden beds & on paving.

Height Recommendations

We can create a PVC Outdoor Shower Cubicle to your specific requirements.

Lattice Panels
View our Gallery for: The Perfect Maintenance Free Absolut PVC Outdoor Shower Cubicle.

PVC Outdoor Shower Cubicle

Add aesthetic appeal to your home with a PVC Outdoor Shower, which is supported by a 20 year guarantee, this ensures that the product will never rot, chip, peel or discolour (UV Protected). The Guarantee also undertakes that the product will not crack or deteriorate under extreme weather conditions being hot or cold.

    20 Year Guarantee
    maintenance free
    pvc fencing

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