PVC Gates & Doors

The Absolut PVC Gate is meticulously designed to ensure that the structural integrity of the gate lasts as long as the PVC product itself.

PVC Gates/Doors


Now that you have selected the PVC Fencing system to best suit your property, complete the look with a matching PVC Pedestrian and PVC Driveway gate.

We place an emphasis on strong, durable gates and heavy duty Stainless Steel Hinges, Latches & Sliding Gate Brackets. All steel frames are Galvanised and we use aluminium extrusions for strength where required.


We can create a PVC Gate or Entrance Door from any one of our 9 PVC Fencing profiles

Height Recommendations

We can create a PVC Gate or PVC Door to your exact requirements.

PVC Gates/Doors
View our Gallery for: The Perfect Maintenance Free Absolut PVC Gate or Door

PVC Gates & Doors

Add aesthetic value to your property with an Absolut PVC Gate or Door, which is supported by a 20 year Guarantee, this ensures that the product will never rot, chip, peel or discolour (UV protected formulation). The Guarantee also undertakes that the product will not crack under extreme weather conditions being hot or cold.

    20 Year Guarantee
    maintenance free
    pvc fencing

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